What are people saying?

(These are comments from the How To Find Your Passion in Life workshop.  Permission was not requested therefore names are not used.)

  • Two weeks ago I was in California to listen to training just like this.  How lovely that I know I can find it in central MN.

  • I realized that “the 5 worst years of my life” have value and shouldn’t be put on a shelf never to be heard or thought of again.

  • I found that I shared things that I have never shared.  This helped me realize what is holding me back.  I need to put in writing and words those things I am hiding, like cleaning out a closet! Whew!

  • Thank you so much!! I would so recommend this!!

  • You and your class reignited my life purpose candle.  My flame was getting weak.  (You) reminded me to be around positive people more.

  • This class is what I needed to get me thinking about my passions.  I needed a place to start, and a guide to follow.

  • I discovered a lot about myself and even the world in which we live.  It was fun and worthwhile.  I realized that life is a process and that (is) great. 

  • This class was really great and enlightening.

  • I wish you did this as an ongoing class…

  • Reminded me that what I wanted as a child is still a possibility and I’m interested in pursuing it still.

  • I feel renewed in my quest and I now have even more tools to use.

  • (It’s) really good to spend time focusing on me- it’s what I needed to collect my thoughts and spend enough time on it to matter.

  • Thank you!  Keep on sharing.  Your enthusiasm is infectious!

  • I love being open to life and I appreciate each day.  This could be my passion – embracing every day.  Valuing my mistakes – yes, I learn more from them.

  • (My) enthusiasm (is) heightened. Valuing myself more and the process of my life.  I can face my giants!

  • Thanks!  Your self-discovery questions were awesome!

  • Excellent facilitation.  Love the rock candle analogy!

  • You are very inspirational and your enthusiasm is contagious.

  • Saw myself and what I want to do.  Realized that I should do something that I want to do regardless of the money.

  • Michelle was very nice, personable, fun and easy to listen to, very enthusiastic.

  • This was interesting.  Now maybe I’ll write a book!

  • The sheet on “Michelle’s definitions” is and will be helpful for me to determine goals.

  • There are many ideas, thoughts and desires that I have that end up going nowhere, just flutter in the mind.  But when I do follow them, it’s as if I took a bite out of life and it was tasty.

  • The workshop helped me realize that I have not been focusing on what my purposes are and what my talents are.

  • A lot to absorb, but a great start for the journey! Liked the class interaction and enthusiasm of (the) teacher.

  • Thank you for such a professional and organized presentation.