She was from India but was just like me.

I recently emceed a two-day conference. (Loved every minute of it!)

As I took a gander at the agenda of speakers I thought, “Uh oh.” One of the names stumped me. I got some help on the pronunciation and learned she was from India. The fun fact she submitted was after work she likes to spend time with her cats.

When the time came for her to speak all went well. I pronounced her name right, stated her fun fact then asked how many cats she had. “Two” she replied. I told her I was also a cat person so could appreciate that. Then I sat down and she presented.

In the line for lunch she ended up behind me. When I saw her she said, “So you like cats?” We talked for the next few minutes about our cats. We shared their breeds, ages, personalities and the funny things they do. I also learned that she has been in the U. S. for 13 years.

I would have liked to learn more from her but after filling our plates we went our separate ways. As we did a thought came to me, “That was so cool.”

I wasn’t impressed by her cats. What I thought was neat was how two people with hugely diverse lives connected for a few minutes over a common interest. This woman is from India, an impoverished country half way around the world. What has she experienced in her lifetime? I’m sure our life stories are very different. Yet, we talked readily and freely about a common interest, our cats. For a brief moment in time our differences did not matter. That was cool.

I love learning about people and hearing their stories. Where did they come from? How did they get here? What are their dreams and goals?

I’ve heard it said that we fear what we do not understand. What if we put a face and emotions on that which we don’t understand? What if we heard the story of the people we fear? We DON’T HAVE TO AGREE but at least we could understand. (And if we try and can’t – so be it!)

Knowledge is power. When we have knowledge we can make informed decisions. I decided for a woman from India with two cats, I liked her so far.

Maybe if we all seek out each other to listen to our stories we will not only understand but see each other as… fellow humans. Once we see others as someone like us we might find it in our heart to share some love with them. When we love others we not only make the world a better place, we are fulfilling our true purpose on this earth!


On my YouVersion Bible app there are plans. The plans are a certain number of days during which you read devotionals and supporting scripture regarding different topics like fear, leadership or marriage.

One four-day plan I read was “C. S. Lewis and the Call to Create” (

I really like how the plan compares being creative versus working. It explains for some of us our possible motivation for working. Do you create or do you work?

Here are some really good insights from this plan:
“The world tells us that the purpose of work is to accumulate fame and fortune for ourselves… and prove to the world that we are important, valuable, and worthy. For the Christian, the work of Jesus Christ should be the ultimate measure of value of our life, not the relative fame and fortune we accumulate through our work.

“Ever since Adam and Eve bit into the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden, we have been trying to cover up our sinful nature, not with fig leafs, but with our accomplishments. We think that if we become a millionaire, sign a record deal, get 100,000 Instagram followers, or write a classic novel… then we’ll be able to mask our human condition. Essentially, we use our work as a means of saving ourselves.

“But as Christians, we know that the work of salvation is complete and that brings an entirely different motivation to our work! Because Jesus said, “It is finished,” we no longer have to use our work as a means of saving ourselves. The gospel frees us to create for the pure joy of creating, not seeking fortune or fame, but the fame of the One who has called us to create.”

“One of the dangers of having a lot of money is that you may be quite satisfied with the kinds of happiness money can give, and so fail to realize your need for God. If everything seems to come simply by signing checks, you may forget that you are at every moment totally dependent on God.” – C. S. Lewis

I’ve always wanted to make a lot of money, doesn’t everyone? Money gives us choices. Money is security. There’s nothing wrong with that. But we should not define our value based on how much we have. Our value is in Jesus… which is good because I’m certainly not making a lot of money!

We all have to work. But never forget to use your God-given talents to CREATE!


I heard him loud and clear.

This call was definitely for me. It wasn’t a phone call, it was God’s call.

I’ve been lazy. I haven’t been reading my daily scripture, reading my online Bible plans, saying prayers or taking time to be with God. I’ve just been what I call “doing my thing”.

My attitude is a direct result of the amount of time I spend in prayer. If my attitude is crap it usually means I have not been connecting with God. If my attitude is decent I probably have been spending time with the Big Guy.

My attitude lately has been Continue reading HE CALLED AGAIN