So I had a thought… if it’s because we are sinners that we need Jesus and can be saved (if we accept Him) how would we get to Heaven if sin would have never entered the world?

How does that play into God’s original plan? I mean God’s original plan was a world without sin. With no sin in the world how did He figure we would have a relationship with Him and get to Heaven?

Maybe that original plan would have us living in a sinless utopia. We’d be born with full knowledge of God. We’d grow up with all our gifts clearly evident, ready to put them to full use for His glory. We’d choose a joyful life path because it would be lived for God. In our golden years we would walk a slower yet purposeful path. With hearts overflowing with God’s love we’d breathe our last and finally see Him face to face.

Instead, with the fall of Lucifer and Adam and Eve’s choice to eat the apple we are destined for a sinful world. We are born NOT knowing God. Without that knowledge we live our lives with a gnawing emptiness that nothing can fill. If and when we discover God’s goodness we can decide whether we want Him in our life. Doing so is tough because it puts God first and our selfish ways second. This sinful world will always try to lure us away from God. Jesus is the only way to God. He told us that Himself. That’s how things work in this world.

Which way is better? God’s original plan of a sinless utopia or that of a sinful world?

We might be living God’s “plan B” but He makes it work perfectly. All things work for the good of those who love Him, right? (Romans 8:28). God knew we could not save ourselves from sin so He had Jesus die for us so that we could live forever with Him. In a sinless world God could not shine brightly in the darkness. People could not realize how awesome He really is. This “plan B” gives us all a chance to help others get to Heaven.

Let me ask you this. Do you appreciate the 60 degree day when it’s been 55 degrees for three weeks or 20 degrees?

The further we are from God when we discover and accept His love, the more powerfully we experience that love. I’m not sure we’d have that powerful experience in a sinless world. Maybe that’s how God had it figured all along.

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