I have to get OUT OF THE VEHICLE TO OPEN THE GARAGE DOOR?! What’s next, rewinding a tape as I roll up the window?!

Wow, how spoiled am I?

My remote start hasn’t worked since winter started because my check engine light is on. Starting it and leaving the keys inside with the doors unlocked? Are you kidding? I sometimes sit inside while it warms up… b-b-brrr! Five minutes feels like 10! I just won’t go anywhere. I’m getting it fixed next week.

Last week when it was cold (the first time) my garage door opener didn’t work. For about a week I (ok, my husband) had to open and close it in the mornings. BUT, coming home it was all me: drive up, get out, open it, get back in, drive it in the garage then close it. Tough work, I tell ya!

The other morning our wi fi was not working; totally out. OMGosh! How long would this cruel disconnection from the outside world last? No iMessage, e-mail, FaceTime, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix or Hulu?! Say it ain’t so!! That afternoon it was working again. Whew!

Our water pressure is variable. Sometimes it’s reeally low. That joke about running around in the shower to get wet… it’s what we do sometimes!

When all these things happened at once I realized how spoiled I am! It was such a pain! Needless to say I don’t like being inconvenienced, especially when it comes to the cold weather!

How did the pioneers do it? They cut wood all summer so they wouldn’t freeze in the winter. They grew their own food in the summer, preserved it in the fall so they had food in the winter. They sewed their own clothes and did pretty much everything themselves. Their survival depended on it! Imagine hooking up the horses and freezing your baguettes off on a ride into town for twine and rock candy. Ugh!

Think of all the creature comforts we have: microwaves, electric and gas ranges, forced air furnaces, insulation, refrigerator freezers, snow tires, AWD, anti-lock brakes, fuel injection, batteries with cold cranking amps… I’m sure you can think of 20 more!

My point? I’m not afraid to admit I’m soft. I am more than happy to use all these wonders guilt-free. The inventors who spent their time, blood, sweat and tears to invent these things will not have invented in vain! I will do my part as an American to encourage any invention that makes cooking or driving, among other things, a bit easier.

But Lord willing, if and when the tough times come, I pray I will be more than willing to step up and do what needs to get done. I’ll just need someone to show me how to preserve food like pickled beets!

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