Winter. Ugh. I can’t wait for spring.

I used to enjoy making new tracks in a fresh blanket of snow. I used to love catching snowflakes on my tongue and making snowmen with the neighbor kids. I used to love sledding down a fast hill and crashing into others at the bottom or seeing if I could beat my previous distance. (Actually, that’s still kinda fun.) A toasty warm house used to be a wonderful refuge from playing in the cold.

Now I hibernate all winter while cursing and counting down the days to spring. (Why do I live here?)

Christmas brought very cold temperatures. After a few days in the house the dog was following me around with hopeful eyes. As much as I hated the thought, I really wanted to get some fresh air. I checked: temperature was -6 degrees F with a 9 mph wind making it feel like -23.

If I dress warm I’ll be okay, right? Plus walking in a protected area it would really only feel Iike -6.

The wind wasn’t bad at all. My ears were toasty under a headband and knit cap. I kept my scarf up over my nose and cheeks and wrapped it around my neck. The stretchy gloves inside the leather choppers were enough. The warm tights under my fleece-lined jeans kept my legs warm and the sport socks were sufficient in my winter boots.

I was very surprised when after a while I started sweating! Maybe the two sweatshirts under my parka was a bit much. Sweating when it’s cold outside can leave you even colder so I removed my cap. (When I removed it I realized that due to my breath some of the cap fuzz had frozen to my eyelashes!)

Huh. I was more than prepared for the cold weather. Even after 50 minutes it didn’t get to me!

Faith is like that, isn’t it? We put on layers of faith, God’s armor, to face the world with its cold temptations and sin. The winds blow and the snow is deep but if we invest in our faith we will have the resources to protect us from the elements. Even if we get cold and beat up, we have a place of refuge in God. He will always give us what we need when we need it. Just as I can keep investing in warm clothes to keep me from getting cold, I can keep investing in my relationship with God to protect me from sin.

Now, the big question: if I sell all my warm clothes will I have enough money to buy a place in the warm, southern sun?

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