It was such a great read!

In 9th grade I was supposed to read The Count of Monte Cristo. It was 400 pages. I got CliffsNotes. I didn’t even read those.

Over time I learned to love reading… non-fiction. I love reading people’s stories. I love books written so I can understand them. I love books with a happy ending. And I love cats. This book has it all.

I was searching for a movie on my library’s website when I saw a book titled, “A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life”. If that title doesn’t pique your curiosity I don’t know what will. I requested it, pick it up and read it in a couple of days. LOVED IT.

James, the author, is a recovering drug addict trying to get his life back on track when a street cat shows up in his building. The cat is in rough shape so James spends what little money he has to get the cat, he names Bob, healthy again. James then tries to send him on his way down the street but Bob won’t leave his side.

James finds a purpose for his life and a love he never imagined in Bob. The hope Bob creates in James’s life makes him want to kick the drug habit for good.

I found it interesting when James wrote that he was trying to kick the drug habit on his own. He didn’t like the Narcotics Anonymous meetings and the 12 religious-type steps. He said giving himself to a higher power was not for him. Then in walks Bob. Coincidence? I think NOT!

After finishing this book last night I watched some Bob the Street Cat YouTube videos and found their Facebook page. Bob is SO CUTE! I requested from the library James’s next book, “The World According to Bob” and the movie! I can’t wait to experience more Bob!

If you need a quick but deeply powerful, heartwarming read, get this book. It’s just wonderful!


Did you watch the Vikings game last night? UNBELIEVABLE! Diggs’s 61 yard game-winning touchdown as the clock ticked down to zero…?! NO WAY! I could not believe my ears.

I typically don’t pay the Vikings much attention but they are getting so far this season I want to see if they can go all the way. About the third quarter I remembered they were playing and heard we were up 17-0 after turning on the radio. Continue reading A MINNEAPOLIS MIRACLE!


So I had a thought… if it’s because we are sinners that we need Jesus and can be saved (if we accept Him) how would we get to Heaven if sin would have never entered the world?

How does that play into God’s original plan? I mean God’s original plan was a world Continue reading PLAN B