Have you ever thought you were having a heart attack? (Maybe you’ve had one!) The physical pain and discomfort is pretty darn scary! Is this “it”? “I’m comin’ Elizabeth!” (That’d be a ‘Sanford and Son’ reference.)

Should you go to the doctor? What will they find? Will you have to change your diet, increase activity or have surgery?

In April I had shooting pains in my chest while driving. They came one at a time maybe five minutes apart for an hour. They took my breath away. I couldn’t move. One was so bad I seriously thought about checking into a clinic that I drove by.

Do I keep driving and risk crashing with my daughter in the car? Should I pull over? What’s going on?!

I kept driving. The pains went away… for five months.

I went to the doctor. The symptoms I described, he said, did not sound like a heart issue (whew!) but referred me to cardiology to be sure.

Cardiology did an ultrasound. My heart was normal. I also received a heart monitor I was to wear for a month. Besides the pains I wanted to know why my heart beats really hard sometimes.

I had no chest pains during that month (which they think were esophagus spasms). But the heart monitor report indicated an abnormal heart rhythm. It is minor, infrequent and not life threatening. I could take medication. I decided not to and would only be seen again if things got worse. They agreed.

I am so happy it was nothing serious but to know my heart is not beating “normal” is a little unnerving. I pray if things get worse I notice and get it checked out before it’s too late!

I hope to live a long and happy life. But it’s not up to me is it? I mean, I can work out and all that jazz, but it’s really in God’s hands. THAT can be unnerving. But if God loves me and wants nothing but the best for me, I have to be ok with realizing that I could leave this earth any day. Every day I’m here to be a wife to my husband and a mom to my kids is a great day.

Nothing like a medical scare to help you realize that!

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