People typically ask after Christmas, “What did you get?” I got a book I heard about on the radio many years ago.

Shortly after Mother Teresa died in 1997 I heard she had felt abandoned by God for like 50 years of her life. I heard she kept a journal and this journal was now a book. I could Google her and read all about her life and struggles, but I wanted to read her own words. I’m hoping the book will reveal if she truly felt abandoned and if so, how she handled it.

I’m always leery reading books about great church people. Why? I’m afraid I won’t understand them! People much smarter than me write these books; people with theology degrees and years of knowledge of God. I’ve tried reading some of them and I need a dictionary every other sentence!

I’m also not real excited to read about saints. Why? Honestly, I feel like they are people who lived a long time ago during a time when it was easier to follow God. (Is there any time when it’s “easy” to follow God?). It’s hard for me to find things I have in common with saints since I’m FAR from being one!

There’s something about Saint Teresa of Calcutta though. She lived during my lifetime. I knew her (or of her) BEFORE she was a saint. I grew up hearing and reading her quotes. She’s always intrigued me.

Was her life really hard? How did she hear God calling her and why did she answer? What was her childhood like? I’m not sure all of this information is in the book but if not, I can always read another book, or Google it.

I have a feeling that while reading about her life I will learn a lot of things I can apply to my life. (And yes, I might even blog about them.) This might be the “gift that keeps on giving, Clark!”


Waiting is hard. Why?

Is it because this period of not knowing makes us feel like we’re not in control? Is it because it feels unnatural to not have what we want RIGHT NOW? How do we plan our life if we don’t know how or if it will change?

Waiting can be exciting, horrible or neither. But it can get tiring. Imagine waiting Continue reading JUST WAIT


I told her she made God smile.

At Christmastime I volunteer at the elementary school Christmas shopping. I help kids wrap their gifts. The kids are so excited. Their eyes light up as they tell me what they got mom or dad.

One little girl’s To/From tags read: To: Kids in need. Amazed, I asked if it was her idea. She said yes. I whispered, “That makes God smile.” She did not respond so we continued our gift wrapping, Maybe a seed was planted in her heart. (Or maybe she didn’t hear me!) Continue reading PLANTING SEEDS