“I can’t find a church that aligns with my views.”


I overheard this from someone who is not familiar with God. Someone who has worldly views about life. God is calling them but they want to worship at a place where everyone agrees with their own line of thinking. A line, that I can tell you, does not mirror the Truth.

It seems a bit backwards. I come up with views about what’s right and wrong, then choose a church to worship God based on that? That’s like telling the mathematician, “Yeah I see that you think 5 + 5 = 10, but I don’t think so. I’m going to search for a group of people that believes 5 + 5 can equal whatever you want it to equal.”

Truth defines for everyone what is right and wrong. It guides us through life. It’s THE moral compass. God is the Author of Truth. Like God, Truth never changes. Truth isn’t flexible. It stands firm even though, since the dawn of time, people have tried to discredit it. They never can.

But someone who’s never known God wouldn’t know what Truth is. They wouldn’t even know that they don’t know. I pray once this person finds a church they develop a relationship with God and that God speaks to their heart. If they listen, they will eventually know the Truth. And the day they do they will be enlightened and realize what this life is all about!

Perhaps one should pick a church based on what they don’t know about God and what they can learn about His ways rather than basing it on what they know of the world. If there’s anything I’ve learned from knowing the Truth, it’s that there is always something to learn and work on. When we fail the Author of Truth picks us up, smiling and pleased that we tried, and helps us try again.

Living according to the Truth is living God’s way. It’s hard. It’s NOT popular. But if we ask Him to keep us on Its path, it will lead us to paradise!


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