I can read one chapter of your book and know what it’s all about.

Something happened to me today that never has. While I was shopping in a store two shoplifters were caught.

The owner man, sounding like he had confronted shoplifters before, stayed calm and called the cops. The shoplifters cooperated and within an hour the couple and the cop were gone.

I admit I judged them right away. “Why do people have to be like that? Why can’t they pay Iike everyone else?” Then I felt badly for judging them and realized they have a story. What is their story?

I heard on the radio a woman ran out of gas on the highway. A homeless man used HIS OWN $20 to go get her gas. It was probably all he had to buy food for the next few days. What’s his story? According to the radioman he is a first responder and ex-marine that had fallen on hard times. (The woman started a Go Fund Me account raising over $200,000 to help the man get back on his feet!)

Visiting a church while out of town I saw something I didn’t expect. I walked in ready for some peace and quiet. At the altar was an open casket of a dead person. The hair was of an elderly woman. What’s her story?

I took my dog for a walk and went the usual route. As I looked towards the dead-end by the cemetery I saw a vehicle parked. Suspicious, we kept walking. Shenanigans (yes, shenanigans!) go on at the end of this road since it’s secluded. As we turned the corner to make our rounds through the cemetery I saw a grave dug and ready for a casket. The vehicles arriving were military honor guard. Who died and what was their story?

Everyone has a story. But (while we’re still alive) it’s not finished. We’re smack dab in the middle of it! To judge someone based on one moment or even ten years is pretending to know what the book is about by reading one chapter.

A children’s story by Max Lucado has two worms, Hermie and Wormie, waiting to turn into butterflies. As their impatience becomes unbearable God reminds them, “I’m not finished with you yet!” Soon they both become amazing butterflies. If we let Him, God will come into our story and help us become amazing people for His kingdom.

Our story will be finished when our Author calls us home. Until then we all have time to invite God into it to make it fabulous. So when someone’s story isn’t the way we would write it, remember, God is not finished with them yet!

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