Am I really stressing over what to make for supper?!

I don’t deal with stress well. The smallest things can stress me out. Like not being home for three or four weekends in a row, simply not sleeping well or having plans four out of five nights of the week. I know, non-events really, but it bothers me.

So when fairly big things hit Continue reading HOW TO RELAX


I just sit on a bed. That’s all I do. I don’t even talk. But it’s the most powerful time of day.

As I sit they do homework, watch a show or play a game. They don’t seem to mind me there, in their room, in their space. In fact, I think they like it since I don’t do it very often. Continue reading TICK TOCK…


Ministry… that’s like minestrone, right?

I’ve often wanted a successful ministry like Joyce Meyer, Ron Hutchcraft, Beth Moore or Ken Davis. But I don’t spend my day setting up meetings, planning events, writing book chapters, organizing prayer lists, sending out e-mails, tweets and podcasts and speaking to hundreds at weekend events. It would be great but it’s not my reality. At least not now.

I heard this cool story. Continue reading WHAT IS A MINISTRY ANYWAY?