It was quite the surprise!

Don’t ask why but I enjoy cleaning the work refrigerator. I hate cleaning at home but at work it’s, I don’t know, more fun. I recently cleaned it after six months. This is what we found (see photo). SURPRISE!

I can’t tell you what this is. I didn’t investigate further to find out.

I took this picture and sent it to the office only Continue reading THE SURPRISE


It’s exhausting to pretend everything is fine.

Do you feel like this rock; solid in your faith but drowning?

The waves are getting in your mouth. As soon as you spit one out another one gets in. Submersion puts pressure on your chest which prevents you from getting a full breath to spit out the next wave. You stretch your neck but you can’t get your mouth to air.

How long can you keep this up? How long can you go without breathing? How long can you pretend you are fine?

It’s tiring. It’s depressing. It’s Continue reading I CAN’T BREATHE


I’m surprised it didn’t scare me; that I was ok with it.

The dream: I’m staring at my reflection in a mirror. Frustration rises up. I let some out with a scream. Feeling therapeutic I continue the screams while watching my reflection. Soon the screams are full of anguish. This scream “therapy” escalates. Soon my reflection, with each scream, Continue reading A SIGN IN A (WEIRD) DREAM