I don’t want to be like that!

As I look around at older folks I often say without thinking, “I want to be like that when I get older” or, “I don’t want to be like.”

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Did the pastor just say that?

I used to think people who worked for the church were special. I thought they had a more direct line to God. I thought they were more holy and just knew more God stuff. This applied to pastors especially. I mean, aren’t they “chosen”?

When I need spiritual answers I like talking to a pastor. One time I had a burning question that was eating me up with guilt. It was a church teaching with which I didn’t agree. Since my husband is a different religion (and that affected this teaching) I wanted answers.

I invited my husband to an event I knew the pastor would be at. At break we posed our question; each of us relaying our opposing thoughts to him.

After some discussion the pastor said, “Well, you chose to marry him.”

What?! I couldn’t believe he said that. That did not sit well with me. I like to think that God hand-picked this man for me. That it was part of His grand plan for my life. It wasn’t that I had simply “chosen to marry him”, this was my destiny! A pastor should KNOW this.

So I decided to do my own counseling. I asked myself, “Why does this teaching bother you?” Because if I don’t follow it the church tells me I’m sinning. “Why does that bother you?” Because I don’t want to sin. “Why?” Because I don’t want to offend God. “Why?” Because I love Him. There it was. The real reason for my angst. I didn’t want to offend God.

Immediately I felt relief from my angst. God knew I loved him and didn’t want to offend him. He’d be pleased that I was so concerned about it. I knew God understood that if I can’t follow the teaching for various reasons outside my control that was ok. He knows I love Him and will try my best.

Back to the pastor. I learned something I guess I always suspected. Pastors are human. They are not divine. They don’t always have the right answers. Heck, some aren’t even nice. They are HUMAN. I can’t follow what a pastor says blindly, I need to follow what JESUS says!

Have you heard it said, “Don’t follow Jesus’ followers, follow Jesus”?

God can speak to us through pastors. But I can also look for answers in my heart. Because in my heart is where God resides.