I can be honest with you, right? I hate deep, thorough, down to the frame cleaning. During my week off between Christmas and New Year’s I wanted to scrub my floors and deep clean the refrigerator.

Getting on my hands and knees to scrub the floor (I like being close to my work) my daughter emerged from her bedroom. Seeing me she stopped and said, Continue reading ONE OF MY SECRETS REVEALED

Merry Christmas!

Hello, everyone!

Thank you to everyone who has read even one word of my blog, checked out my site or booked me to speak!  This God-lead adventure sure is fun.  May your 2017 be faith-filled as you trust in the Lord.

God bless you!



I’m a list maker. Are you too?

Over Christmas we went to my family’s house for the weekend. A week before leaving I made a list of things I needed to bring: pie, puppy chow, toffee, presents, makeup order and frozen dough. About four times a day I looked at this list, mentally confirming listed items and thinking of anything I may have forgotten.

Time came to pack up the car, we’re leaving! I packed the things on my list… never having looked at it. Why? Continue reading ALWAYS REFER TO YOUR LIST


In case you were wondering, I’m no saint. Just want to make that clear. I’m pretty patient but people can tick me off. I’ve often wanted the ability to issue IDIOT TICKETS. When people do stupid things that annoy everyone around them they would get one. Once issued, the perp (perpetrator) would appear in IDIOT COURT in front of a jury. That jury, hand selected by the issuer of the ticket, would Continue reading IDIOT TICKETS


When people think of you does the word HOLY come to mind?

“God has a plan for your holiness,” a pastor said to me. Ah… what?! Me and “holy” are two words I’ve never put in the same sentence! Actually, the thought of it is quite humorous. HOLY is a word used to describe Jesus, the disciples and saints, NOT ME.

HOLY: dedicated to God or a religious purpose. Am I holy? Am I dedicated to God? Good question.

Continue reading ME? HOLY?!