being me!Ever have a meeting at work where everyone gets together to discuss the direction of the group? We had one of those. At one point we were to write something we liked about each person in the room on a posted sheet with their name on it. I did the exercise but didn’t have time to see what people had written about me since we moved on to the next thing. I had to leave the meeting early and forgot to take my accolade sheet. When the meeting was over a coworker gave my sheet to another coworker that would give it to me. That was over a month ago. I have not yet seen it. Not a big deal, right? Continue reading TELL ME WHAT YOU REALLY THINK

Adding More Love to Christmas

Xmas 1977

(Me and my new teddy bear – Christmas 1977)

Do you love Christmas? Do you feel like you should but it’s difficult? I hear you. I have great childhood memories of decorating the house starting with a beautiful tree, being off of school, helping mom bake cookies then eating too many, inspecting each and every gift under the tree especially the ones with my name on them and counting down the days until Santa came with a construction paper chain. Then on Christmas Eve we’d go to church and later that night I’d TRY falling asleep. I remember joy, excitement and anticipation. I loved Christmas. What happened? Continue reading Adding More Love to Christmas


God is realWhat would I say to an atheist? Maybe something like this…

Have you ever described what it’s like emotionally to have children to someone who doesn’t have children? They stare at you blankly, right? They can’t imagine tears welling up in their eyes while watching their newborn sleep. They can’t fathom how strongly a heart can ache watching their child in pain. Someday they might understand or they might not. Someday you Continue reading DEAR ATHEIST