PictureI like garage sale-ing. You never know what you’re going to find… it’s the thrill of the hunt! You might find brand new salad tongs or a 1950s Elvis vinyl record that mom would love. Plus things are usually pretty cheap – score! “I got so much stuff I don’t need for so little!! Now, where am I going to put it all?!” (Right?)

Last year I stopped at a garage sale and found Continue reading A GARAGE SALE FIND!

I saw God Today

ShadowsI went for a walk today. I love feeling the sunshine on my face. I smell fresh cut grass as someone mows their lawn. I smell yummy fried foods wafting by my nose. I see locals out walking their dog. I see traffic zipping by as people go about their day. I sometimes hear my own footsteps. I feel the breeze blowing my hair back. I see critters scurrying in the nearby bushes or up a tree. And sometimes, I see Continue reading I saw God Today


BACON!I have random thoughts. You really never know what’s going to come out of my mouth. The other day I thought about vegetables. They can be raw or cooked, plain or mixed, fresh or frozen. What do you like?

I like a broccoli, pea pod, water chest nut type stir fry mix cooked in oil. But when it’s done and steaming on my plate I think, “What would make this better?” Continue reading LIFE IS LIKE COOKED BROCCOLI – MELTED CHEESE IS OPTIONAL