Getting to Heaven: Faith vs. Works

Stairway to heavenI’ve always struggled with faith vs. works. I’ve been told that I need faith (accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior) to get to heaven and nothing else. He alone grants us our salvation (ability to get to heaven). There is NOTHING good I can do independent from God that will grant me access to heaven. So why all the rules and regulations? Why must I pray, go to church and serve others? These things don’t earn me a ticket to heaven, right? Well… Continue reading Getting to Heaven: Faith vs. Works

Fill the hole with love

HeartA while back I kept getting dull temple headaches. I couldn’t figure it out. Was I really hungry, dehydrated or tired? I tried rubbing my temples to soothe the pain but it didn’t help.

Finally one night I rubbed the back of my neck… OUCH! My muscles were tight and sore. I pressed my thumb into that area and I instantly felt pain travel to my temples. EUREKA! My tight neck muscles were causing my temple headaches! But what was weird was that Continue reading Fill the hole with love


Clip boardHave you ever uttered these words? I have! It’s a familiar saying that implies someone has experienced different results (usually negative) than expected.

I said this recently when someone was not being who I wanted them to be. (Pity party!) Within 30 seconds I thought, “Really, Michelle? What about the people whose lives REALLY aren’t what they expected: the spouse whose other half is gone fighting for our country or the spouse who’s other half is depressed, bipolar, terminally ill, handicapped or who decides to leave for good? Do you think they signed up for that?” Continue reading I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS!



Know what I love about camping?  Getting up every day in the same clothes I’ve worn the past two, throwing a cap on my unwashed hair and being ready for the day.  I don’t have to think about what to wear or worry about how I look. I can use that time to think about deeper things… like why no one wants to sit by me.

Seriously though, sometimes I just Continue reading I JUST WANNA BE ME!

Dear God…

Letter from GodDear God,

Hi.  It’s me again.  Why am I so afraid to get close to you?  Why do I turn down my Christian radio at a stoplight with windows down so others won’t hear?  Why do I preach but not always practice?  Why do I choose to spend time doing stupid things rather than say HI to you and thank you for your love?  Why do I think the two prayers and five thoughts I have of you during the day are “good enough”?  Like there’s a minimum qualification to being a Christian so I do that but no more.

I know why I’m afraid.  Continue reading Dear God…