2 + 2 = 5

Truth vs. lieI asked my friend the other day, “Why don’t you try to live your life according to the TRUTH? I get the whole ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ thing so I know sin’s influence gets you to believe lies. I believe some of them myself!  But we need to try.”

She replied, “What do you mean? There’s no right or wrong really, I’m living life the way I want. The only right and wrong is what I decide is right and wrong for me.”

Someone not understanding the Truth is like a person who doesn’t understand math. I tell them 2 + 2 = 4; that the whole world currently and civilization for centuries have agreed on this truth. But they tell me no, 2 + 2 = 5. They tell me 4 is outdated and more people are saying that the answer’s 5 so it must be 5. I tell them no, it’s 4, it’s always been 4. They argue that it’s 5. They think they are right and live their life believing this lie. I pray they realize the true answer soon.

Then one day something clicks (hopefully) and they now agree that the true answer for 2 + 2 is 4. Suddenly they realize why things they built, recipes they followed or finances they figured never turned out quite right. Life makes so much more sense and things are clearer. Then I tell them just wait, now you’ll see how the true answer 4 affects so many other numbers you use everyday!

I KNOW that one day all people will agree with the Truth that Jesus Christ is God’s son who came to earth to die for our sins so that we may have eternal life in heaven with Him (2 + 2 = 4). But in order for people to agree they must KNOW about this Truth. Will you share it with them? On that day there will be no more sin to fool people into believing lies (2 + 2 = 5) and we will all live together in God’s love. This is the hope I cling to in this ever darkening world. This is the hope we must have to keep our faith alive. Faith is believing this Truth and knowing we WILL see our Creator face to face. (Can you imagine that?!) That will be a JOY unlike anything we’ve ever experienced!

So don’t EVER give up. Keep sharing the Truth and always keep your HOPE AND FAITH ALIVE!!


SinAh junk food… that guilty pleasure food that makes eyes light up. What’s your favorite? Any chocolate / peanut butter combo is my kryptonite. (I hope there is peanut butter in heaven!) Why is it called “junk” when it’s TRULY wonderful? It makes me so happy when I taste it, it gives me a sugar / fat fix… but it does leave a weird aftertaste. I think it’s “junk” because even though it tastes great and satisfies… it’s a temporary fix that leaves me craving more. It doesn’t satisfy my hunger, it contains very little of what my body needs and the more I eat the worse my health gets. We all know it’s not good for our bodies but we eat it anyway. It’s just so hard to resist the temptation!

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FINDING PEACEI hear the news just like you. I read the stories of unfortunate and awful events. I wonder how people can do the things they do. I wonder how and when they got sidetracked in life believing evil lies. I wonder if I’m the next victim.

I asked God once, Continue reading HOW TO FIND PEACE IN A CHAOTIC WORLD

When Doors Close In Your Face – Literally!

SMILE!How do YOU make a positive difference in this big world? What do YOU do to put smiles on people’s faces? I’ve asked myself these questions while feeling overwhelmed that I could ever make any difference.

But one day I thought of something I could do that comes naturally to me… smile. It’s easy, it’s positive and most people don’t take offense to it. If you really look at people’s faces when they look at you it’s amazing how many don’t smile. It’s an epidemic! I hope by smiling I can bring just a bit of joy into their lives no matter how briefly our eyes meet.

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Be a Man

BrassieresMy thought for today… The world says being a man is having sex and conquering as many women as possible… showing the world what a stud you are. God says being a man is treating women with respect and loving them so much that you would never do anything to intentionally hurt them, body or soul. Which man is more difficult to be? Which one has relationship rewards? Which one has eternal rewards? I can’t imagine God saying, “Well done good and faithful servant, you slept with 400 women. Awesome!” If people don’t care about what God wants now, shortly after taking their last breath they will… we all will.