The Movie’s Not Over Until the Good Guy Wins!

BondThe other night I was watching Spectre… I love James Bond films, especially with Daniel Craig! As the bad guy started throwing punches at James, the music turned ominous. The bad guy was beating him. Just as all seemed hopeless, Continue reading The Movie’s Not Over Until the Good Guy Wins!

Being Nice Can Be Bad

Driving me nuts!I’ve always been someone that gets along with everyone. I don’t like conflict, raised voices or dirty looks… I just want everyone to be happy and get along. In my years on this earth I’ve learned to become more assertive when conducting business if necessary. I’ve even discovered my inner “mama bear” when defending my kids and family. But I have a really hard time telling people Continue reading Being Nice Can Be Bad

Laughter is Awesome

Friendly animal crackersHave you ever seen something that just made you laugh out loud? I came home the other day to see this (see picture) on the table. Can you make it out? It’s two animal crackers stuck together. I believe it’s a donkey and cat animal cracker getting to know each other a little bit better. Maybe the donkey was following the cat too closely Continue reading Laughter is Awesome

Is God Intolerant?

ArguingI hear so much about intolerance these days. If I don’t think like you I’m intolerant. No, it’s called a “difference of opinion” or “agreeing to disagree”. What happened to that? If I think differently from you, then it makes sense that you think differently from me and if you are calling me intolerant then that really means that you are intolerant of me. People don’t seem to be ok these days Continue reading Is God Intolerant?