How Can I Pray With So Much To Do?

be stillBe still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10). I… love… this… verse!!  It’s not because it has some deep spiritual meaning, well it does, but that’s not why I like it.  It’s because it gives me PERMISSION to do nothing, to just be in God’s presence.

I’m probably not unusual when I tell you that I can’t sit still.  It’s not that I have energy to burn off, it’s because of guilt.  When I’m at home I feel pressure to DO things all the time… laundry, clean, file, whatever needs to be done.  Even if I’m not doing one of those, I’m reading a book or e-mails or looking something up.  Curious thing is, when NO ONE is in the house at all (which happens about twice a year) I feel NO PRESSURE to do anything.  I’m fine with laying on the couch watching TV or quietly reading a book for HOURS.  So I ask you this, WHY do I feel the need to be busy when my family is home?  It’s because a “good” wife and mother keeps the house tidy and she should (guilt word!) be busy “doing” things.  I know this is crazy but it’s something that sits quietly in the back of my conscience and I BELIEVE IT!  Ugh.  I really want to be able to DO NOTHING and have quiet “me” time when my family IS home not just when they’re gone.  (But really, when has quiet “me” time ever happened for you when your family is home?!)

I can’t tell you the amount of times I told myself I was going to “pray today” only to have my head hit the pillow in disappointment not having prayed.  It’s because in my warped world, if I were to pray, I’m not getting anything done. Praying is not something I can do physically that has a result I can see and check off my list.  Praying is “wasting time”.  WHAT?  “It is not!” you say.  I know THAT!  Then why do I feel this way when I do pray?  Why when I pray do I think of all the things I SHOULD be doing?

Back to my point…  This verse gives me permission to do nothing but to pray, to focus on talking to God and just BE.  The verse actually invites me to Him.  This verse shatters the lie that I need to stay busy.  This is the verse I can write on a piece of paper and hold up in the face of a loved one when they ask me, “What are you doing?”  If God says it’s OK to be still and know Him, then I think I can get away with it.  (I’m pretty sure you could too!)

3 thoughts on “How Can I Pray With So Much To Do?

  1. I had a friend tell me that she has “popcorn” prayers all day long. A quick “thank you God for the beautiful day” as she is driving to work or “God, please grant me patience” while her kids are fighting in the background. When she told me that ~ I found that those popcorn prayers work really well for me too. So, I basically pray all day long ~ just short little things as they come up… Then I don’t feel that guilt about not praying. This isn’t always a guarantee that I do but on the days that these popcorn prayers happen I find that I have better days and I feel good too!

  2. Michelle, those guilty feelings for not being busy at home will go away as soon as you turn 45! Pretty soon you’ll just put the cooking pot and 4 forks on the table at a meal and call it good. I can testify! 🙂

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