God is my… Pizza!

PIZZA!This post is about rock music. You thought it was about pizza? Well read on, my friend! I really like rock music. About five years ago while God was changing my heart to become more patient and loving (He still is and always will be!), I often wondered if God would put it on my heart to give up rock music. I was afraid that one day I might be listening to a kick butt song only to hear a voice in my head say “Is this really the positivity you need today? Does this fill your heart with love?” I was prepared to roll my eyes and fight tooth and nail (what does that saying mean?) to keep my adrenaline-pumping, loud music. Anyone can tell you that rock music isn’t the most Christian thing out there but it makes me feel good and I want to keep that preset on my Jeep radio come heck or high water! No one is going to take that away from me! Continue reading God is my… Pizza!

What’s Your Favorite Melon?

Yummy CantaloupeI love the change of seasons, especially when it’s in MARCH! We’ve had an unseasonably warm winter which has been great. I’m not complaining! Today it is raining. It’s cloudy and there’s little wind. It makes me feel melancholy. I like that word “melancholy”. It makes me think of melons. I Iike melons. What’s your favorite melon? Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Melon?

A Little Candle in the Darkness

Candle in the darknessThere is something that I cut out of a newspaper YEARS ago and still have.  It’s on my bathroom mirror right now.  It’s a prayer written by Dan Griffin, Maryknoll Lay Missioner entitled A Missioner’s Prayer.  I want to share it with you because it reminds me that not mater how dark the world seems, there is ALWAYS hope in the Lord.  Here it is. Continue reading A Little Candle in the Darkness

I Hear a Voice

Voice of GodWe’re pretty close so I can tell you anything, right? What would you say if I told you that I hear voices? Well more specifically that I hear God speak to me? You might think I’m nuts and need professional help. Wait, don’t call yet!! If you do believe God speaks to people you might wonder, “How does that work exactly? I don’t get it.” I’ll try to explain how He speaks to me. Continue reading I Hear a Voice