Word (Not Responding)

Respond to God's callHave you ever seen Word (Not Responding) when you’re trying to open an application?!  I want to say “C’mon, open already!  Do what I’m telling you to do so I can accomplish what it is I need to accomplish!”  Hmmm… I wonder if God ever thinks that about me… “Do what I’m telling you to do so I can accomplish what it is I need you to accomplish.”  But I’m not responding…  Continue reading Word (Not Responding)


CHICKEN!(Is this a picture of a rooster?!)

I’m not very motivated.  Well I am in some things.  But when it comes to trying something new, something I’ve never done, something I don’t know how to do, something I have to learn about, something I know I’m not automatically good at… I freeze up and don’t do it.  It’s too hard, too overwhelming, too time consuming… it’s just too MUCH.  I start thinking about one thing, then that leads to five things, then each of those five things lead to five more things… and it blows up in my mind bigger than any person could possibly handle.  So I’m just not going to do it.  Besides, I don’t want my life to change too much, I like it just the way it is. Continue reading CHICKEN!

Drive Me Nuts!

doggy joy rideSo how many times in your life have you reacted a certain way or done something for which you really have no explanation? Maybe you acted like your mother (God help you)! Most of us have a pattern of behavior that is very familiar to us. But have you ever stopped to think about WHY you are that way?
Emotional Intelligence is understanding your emotions; knowing WHY you act the way you do. By knowing why, you are able to better handle those emotions (we hope). I have an impatience pattern. Continue reading Drive Me Nuts!

Ticked Off About Stupid Stuff

BananaThe other morning I woke up cranky… why?  I have no idea.  Maybe I dreamed that people were not listening to me (I did wake up with a clenched fist)!  Maybe it was the -22 degree F morning temperature.  Maybe it’s my swollen knee from playing a not-very-intense-but-must-be-too-intense-for-old-people game of volleyball last night.  Maybe it’s because I was supposed to work out this morning and didn’t which left me feeling disappointed in myself. (Hey, but I got a swollen knee.) Continue reading Ticked Off About Stupid Stuff

A Lesson Learned from a Little Tree

I saw a tree the other day that caught my eye (the tree in the picture).  This tree was magical.  It was unique.  As I walked toward it I heard a voice say… naw, I’m kidding.  The tree wasn’t magical and I didn’t hear a voice… but that would be pretty cool, right?

I did see a tree though, and it did catch my eye.  Continue reading A Lesson Learned from a Little Tree