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Michelle Oie Motivational Speaker and ListenerCould you handle living your life with more CONFIDENCE, PASSION and SELF-LOVE?

If you answered “YES!” you have landed at the RIGHT site!

Welcome home!  My name is Michelle.  I am a Minnesota motivational speaker and listener offering life boosts!  I can help you share God’s love through speaking at your event, presenting a workshop, being your emcee, facilitating or moderating your event or simply by sharing my blog posts. My passion: Once you start seeing yourself through God’s eyes you will be inspired to get to know the person God created you to be!

Check out these talks!

(There is more detailed information on the SPEAKING SERVICES page.)



FireHow to Find Your Passion in Life guides you through seven necessary steps to find and pursue your passion so you can start living a passionate life!  A talk and a workshop are available.  (The book is few years out but on the radar!)





Mirror mirror...Love Your Body, Love Yourself  reveals five amazing actions you need to take in order to obtain true self-love!




TrustIf You Knew What’s Good for You encourages us to TRUST God so we can experience joyful life rewards! (Michelle’s testimony)





These talks are perfect for your function or group such as:


  • Keynote address
  • Breakout session
  • Motivational event
  • Self-improvement event
  • Health and wellness event
  • Life coaching event
  • Training


  • Mother’s / Women’s group
  • Youth group / School kids
  • Confirmation kids
  • Empty nesters
  • Divorced
  • Retirees
  • Career changers

Contact me if you have an event coming up to learn more about what I offer!  My home state is Minnesota but I’m willing to travel wherever God leads me!

Do you need an EMCEE or FACILITATOR?  I’ve been called upon to do this many times in my 20 professional job years and LOVE IT! Just give me an agenda and the biographies of the speakers and I’ll keep your event fun, professional and on track!  Contact me here!

So grab your coffee and feel free to click around my site to check things out.  Also check out my blog that I update three times a week for a motivational boost!  Enjoy and thanks for stopping! 🙂